About the Studio

Designed and built from the ground up, the studio is one large space with a very live sound, tucked in the heart of South Central Austin. The space merges the sterling sound of a professional studio with a more intimate setting. It means I can work closely with artists and produce pristine sounds. 

About Me

I'm a third generation musician, primarily on drums, who has played everything from space rock ballads to country two-step with some of Austin's best artists. I started recording and producing about ten years ago and built my own studio a few years ago. My biggest recent project was to record and co-produce The Nocturne Diaries, an album by Eliza Gilkyson, which was nominated for a 2015 Grammy.

I've loved all facets of recording since I first used a Tascam 4-track back in the early 90s. I'm fascinated with both the technical and artistic processes that go into making great recordings. In the past, though, my experience at other studios could be frustrating. I often felt that ideas and commentary from me or my band mates weren't taken seriously or were outright dismissed. In my studio, I work hard to maintain an open and creative process, knowing there isn't just one way to get the best sounds and performances and make something truly great.

In addition to recording music, I've produced several music videos over the years, designed websites and album art, and occasionally shot photos for bands and artists.

- Cisco Ryder Gilliland